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Comfort of Home Healthcare - Fastest growing in home care company in the region!

About Comfort of Home Healthcare


Comfort of Home Healthcare is locally owned and operated with a combined experience of 15 years in the home care industry. We have been on both ends of the home care industry in providing care in the home and needing care for loved ones. We know what it’s like to find quality help to keep a loved one in the comfort of their home. That’s exactly why Comfort of Home Healthcare exists. Let us help you in your Home Care needs and give you some Comfort of Home when you need it the most.


Comfort of Home Healthcare is uniquely qualified in the field of in home care because of the personal experiences of its owners. Both owners have been on the receiving end of needing in home care for their own families. This experience is what created Comfort of Home Healthcare, and it also brings a level of compassion and commitment that has made Comfort of Home Healthcare into what it is today.


Quite literally, they would not put a caregiver in your home that they would not have in their own home.


Here is their story:


Jason Douglas, Co-Owner


After graduating from Missouri Western State University, Jason worked for a variety of non-profit organizations, in addition to home care agencies.


Shortly after Missouri Western, Jason’s father fought a hard battle with cancer. With the help of family and Hospice, he was able to live out his final days in the comfort of his own home.


Several years later Jason’s father-in-law became ill and needed in home care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The family found it very difficult and

frustrating to find quality help in order to

keep him at home. The frustration of this

experience was the foundation behind

wanting to start an in home care agency

that did things differently.


Once Jason’s father-in-law passed away,

he and his wife moved his mother-in-law

into their home so that they could better

take care of her. Through the wonderful

caregiving from his wife, family and

Comfort of Home Healthcare, she was

able to live her final days in the loving

environment of their home with people

who love and care for her the most.


Through many trials and various

experiences, the passion to help people

stay in their own home runs deep and is in the hearts of his entire family.


Tad Ulmer, Co-Owner


Tad brings a different perspective to Comfort of Home Healthcare, because he has needed 24 hour care 7 days a week for his son in his own home.


Sixteen years ago Tad received a phone

call every parent hasnightmares over,

“Come to the hospital, your 15 year old son

was in an automobile accident.” After

rushing to the hospital he wasinformed that

his son was unresponsive and in intensive

care. Once stable,they informed Tad that

his son had suffered severe head trauma

and they didn’t know if he was going to

make it out of the hospital. Tad’s son

eventually stabilized and was somewhat

responsive tothe environment around him,

although it quickly became clear thathe

had sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury and

was going toneedpersonal care for the rest

of his life.


Eventually they moved him from the hospital into an institution to take care of his needs. He spent five years in there, until Tad foundout that there are programs out there that would allow him to take is son home with 24 hour care. After a year fighting to bring him home, and remodeling his home to make it wheelchair accessible, his son came home and has been there ever since. Although home, the transition was not as easy as it sounds. Tad still needed to rely on other agencies to provide the care. After trying several agencies out, it became clear that he was going to have to do something about it himself. Thus, another part of the foundation of Comfort of Home Healthcare was established.


Tad brings a high level of commitment to Comfort of Home Healthcare and cares for each and every client as if it were his own.

Comfort of Home Healthcare Owner
Comfort of Home Healthcare Owner
Comfort of Home Healthcare Owners
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