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Comfort of Home Healthcare will pay all staff a minimum of $12 hourly!

It has been a crazy (almost) seven years in business and we have seen our shares of highs, lows and everything in between. Since our inception, we had a dream to do something bigger with our lives and went out to make that dream a reality. Since the day we put our dream onto paper at Tad's (Co-Owner) kitchen table, Comfort of Home Healthcare has become more than we could have ever imagined that day.

Our original marketing plan was pretty simple: take care of people like we would want our own families taken care of and everything else will fall into place. You know what? We were right..

In the beginning, taking care of people was a simple concept for us. The word "people" was defined as our senior and disabled clients that we served on a daily basis. Simple. Since then we have realized that this concept was only half correct, and today our definition of people means so much more to us as we have expanded this to encompass taking care of OUR people as well. The people who work diligently and passionately for our clients, our wonderful caregivers and direct care staff.

Comfort of Home Healthcare has always kept a very competitive starting wage for any new staff. Today we are here to proclaim that we don't believe that is enough. All our amazing staff go to work for us daily to help meet the needs of our clients so that they can live as independently as possible, and at the end of the day they go home to care for their own families. We would like to acknowledge that often the most important and necessary jobs are unfortunately some of the lowest paying.

Comfort of Home Healthcare is proud to announce that we can do better for our employees. Effective immediately, Comfort of Home Healthcare will not have a single field staff member that will make less than $12 an hour. Also, all new staff will be hired at $12 an hour starting wage. This will put Comfort of Home Healthcare's staff has the highest paid caregivers/direct care staff in region.

We humbly thank you for all your service to others and make a promise that his is just a starting point for our company in taking care of our people.


Tad & Jason

"One person caring about another represents life's greatest value" - Jim Rohn

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