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Help Money Follows the Person

Please see the message below regarding the Money Follows the Person program. If you could take a few minutes to contact your senators on Thursday asking them to renew this program that would so helpful! I know many feel that their voice is not really heard, but it DOES make a difference when you call and let them know how important these issues are to families and individuals. This new EMPOWER Care Act would renew Money Follow the Person for five years.

Contact information and an example of what you might want to say are included below. Help yourself and others by giving them a call! ~ Cindy White, PCS


Dear [First Name]:

You are receiving this email because your state has a Money Follows the Person (MFP) program which is at risk of losing any remaining funding it has by 2020 if the Senate does not take action. Please take 5 minutes to call your Senators on February 1st and ask them to renew the MFP program - instructions are below. On that day, ANCOR and other disability organizations are joining forces for a national MFP call-in day. The more who participate, the more powerful the message will be that NOW is the time to renew MFP!

Money Follows the Person is an important rebalancing program that has helped over 75,000 people with disabilities and chronic conditions move from state-run institutions into the community. It expired in 2016, and in 2020 states are set to lose any funds they had left from the program if it is not renewed. States have already begun scaling back the program - by 40 percent overall so far. Senators Portman (R-OH) and Cantwell (D-WA) have introduced the EMPOWER Care Act, which would renew MFP for 5 years - until 2022 - at current funding levels. However, the Senate has a lot of bills competing for attention - we need to create a sense of urgency for the Senate to actually vote on the EMPOWER Care Act. Please speak up for this valuable program with one quick and easy phone call!


1. Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224 3121 or (202) 224 3091 (tty).

2. Tell the operator which state you live in - they will transfer you to the correct office.

3. Leave this message either with the staff who answer the phone or in voicemail:

"Hello, I am a constituent who cares deeply about issues affecting people with disabilities. I am calling to ask the Senator to support the EMPOWER Care Act, which renews the Money Follows the Person program. This is an important program that supports people with disabilities so they can live life like everyone else - I am sure the Senator understands how important that is. If the Senator already supports the bill, thank you, but if they do not yet I ask that they please do so. Thank you for your hard work answering the phones."

And that's all there is to it!


ANCOR is also participating in a social media day on February 2nd - please take an extra minute to make a social media post and tag it #FundMFP. If you want to spread the word far and wide, please make the post public and tag your Senators. You can find ideas for suggested posts here.

Thank you for your advocacy!

#MoneyFollowsthePerson #DevelopmentalDisability #ISL #IndependentLiving #ResidentialPlacement #DisabilityServices #servicesforpeoplewithdisabilities #empower #disbilities

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