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What it is Like Working as a Direct Care Professional

Here at Comfort of Home Healthcare we are always looking for good help. Most people who are familiar with us, see job post after job post.

However, unless you actually presently work in the field or have a loved one with a disability most don't know, or just have a vague idea of what we do.

The easier concept to grasp is our Senior Private Duty In-Home care services. Most of us have been around an ageing loved one that needs assistance. But, many of us have not been around people with developmental disabilities and wonder what it is that Comfort of Home Healthcare does to support these individuals. Furthermore, what exactly is a Direct Support Professional.

Here is a video I found on YouTube that another agency produced that is great at explaining what a day looks like for someone working in the field. So if your thinking of entering the field and working for us, take a moment and watch.

"Nothing is more rewarding or satisfying than working with people that need your help"

If your interested in working in the field we post all our openings on Indeed. Here is the link to our company page.

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